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Chapter 1: See me

Chapter 1: See me

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Welcome to Schizo, Schizo. I see you!.

.;:Notice;:.Work in progress.... bear with us! We're only just getting started. ^^; --- One Two It's coming for you... Three Four Shut the door... Five Six Breaking bones like sticks... Seven Eight Heart full of hate... Nine Ten All over again... --- We both(the creators) believe that maybe... schizos just have a sense... to see things we can't. Like whenever you firmly believe you didn't dream one night when in fact, you did. You just don't remember and rarely do, your mind just refuses to see it. But like dreams... these things can be good and bad...

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Some sort of update...

Posted by Shukketsu
May 1st, 2010, 1:38 pm
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Almost finished with a main character reference sheet... for those who care!

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